Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who is "Our"?

I always said, "From whom?" when I heard Teahadists shriek, "We're going to take our country back!"

Okay, actually, I was 99% sure I knew who "whom" was.

Well, now I'm 100% sure.


Anonymous said...

I left a well-reasoned thoughtful and insightful comment here awhile ago and it never made it to the comments section.
off to the streets to find some rocks. Vox the vexed

Culture of Truth said...

Very nice.

DrDick said...

There was ever any doubt about this?

pansypoo said...

and democrats thought clinton hate was bad.

jimmiraybob said...

There was ever any doubt about this?


J Neo Marvin said...

They're plagiarizing a line from Howard Dean during the Bush years, when our country was REALLY taken away from us.

So, not only conveniently applicable to their own racism, but totally unoriginal, too.

pansypoo said...

let us SAVOR.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, it's been said the Teabaggers are mainly people with a higher education.

But after looking at all the misspellings, bad punctuation, and bad grammar in all those Teabagger hate e-mails, I'm begining to think most of them flunked third grade.

Either that, or higher education in this country sucks a whole lot more than I thought.

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