Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The conservative plan for higher education

Is for the Koch Brothers to own those professors Andrew Breitbart cannot get fired.


Montag said...

There's no question that this move is intended to provide yet more credentialed voices espousing "move money upwards" policies.

The truly nasty aspect of this is that the very financial shortages which compel universities to accept such raw deals have been created, in large part, by corporate tax avoidance (a principal reason why tuition costs have been rising much more rapidly than the rate of inflation), through a variety of mechanisms--tax abatements in exchange for keeping jobs (a form of extortion), forcing states to pay for infrastructure and/or subsidies to corporations paying for their physical plant, along with many states depending upon federal tax filings to establish adjusted gross income on state filings (resulting in state revenues declining on a parallel track with federal revenues from corporations), etc.

It's the same mechanism by which some corporations have starved local school districts of income in order to then extract advertising agreements or commodity sales monopolies inside the school in exchange for cash payments for necessities the school system can no longer afford.

This is just the latest iteration of a process that's been in effect for at least thirty years, and maybe longer and is now bearing poisonous fruit.

DrDick said...

I think the actual plan is for Brietbart to get the existing profs fired so that they can be replaced with ones owned by the Koch brothers.

pansypoo said...

i guess easier to brainwash them earlier + earlier.

pansypoo said...

any way to buy their perfect world. except fixing it.