Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here's an idea

Let's encourage them to hold a convention -- a well publicized one, we'll even let FoxNews cover it -- where they argue over the nominees.

Replacing bin Laden, who founded al-Qaida more than two decades ago and masterminded 9/11, may be no easy task. Analysts say the choice will likely depend on how the terror organization views its goals and priorities in the post-bin Laden age.


Montag said...

This seems to play into that persistent meme that al-Qaeda is some sort of huge monolithic structure, and that bin Laden was the al-Qaeda equivalent of a corporate CEO, or a military general.

That's the sort of mythologizing that made it so easy for the Bushies to militarize the "war" on terror, and for the military-industrial-intelligence-security establishment to profit thereby.

pansypoo said...

is michael steele available?

pansypoo said...

like ronald reagan, i am sure his replacement will be double plus good.