Monday, October 01, 2012

There's always FoxNews

Aw, that would be too damn bad:

Firebrand Florida Rep. Allen West is losing his reelection fight by a 9-point margin to Democrat Patrick Murphy, according to a poll taken for the Democratic group House Majority PAC.

The survey, taken by the firm Garin-Hart-Yang Research and shared by a source with POLITICO, found Murphy leading West, 52 percent to 43 percent.


There's reason to take the House Majority PAC poll seriously. Not only is it taken by a gold-plated Democratic pollster, it's also weighted significantly in the GOP direction. The poll sample was composed of 44 percent Republicans and 37 percent Democrats -- a stronger GOP lean than the actual congressional district.

Murphy comes out ahead anyway in the survey thanks to an 18-point lead among independents. His 9-point advantage over West exceeds President Barack Obama's 7-point lead over Romney in the district.
West is a reflection, in many ways, that the Republicans long-war against government leads voters into such contempt for it they'll elect idiots to Congress, just for entertainment value.

See, for other examples; Steve King, Michele Bachmann, etc.


Anonymous said...

I'll see your Steve King and Michele Bachmann and raise you one David Vitter.

pansypoo said...

crazy is out?

Montag said...

"Firebrand Allen West?"

Someone needs a refresher course in nouns and adjectives.

It's not either irresponsible or untruthful to describe him as he is: looney tunes.