Monday, October 01, 2012

Uh, huh

Yeah, right:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says President Barack Obama has "misunderstood" American values in his policies toward other countries. The Republican nominee is planning a major foreign policy speech in the coming weeks.
Yeah, why can't he go around pissing off the British and Poles? -- why can't he bring back torture?  -- why can't he understand the American values of putting his money in patriotic locals like the Caymans or Switzerland?


pansypoo said...

YEAH, why isn't the world just DOING what americka tells them to???

Montag said...

Ah, well, there are rumblings out there that the Rmoney campaign is going to abandon harping about the economy (because there's no traction there--people don't like a rich asshole telling them that they're worthless shites) in favor of now harping on national security (about which neither Rmoney nor his advisors know jack shit).

They think they have inside information that the Obama administration had advance knowledge of the Benghazi consulate attack and they're going to hammer it. Good luck with that--with Bolton, Senor, Abrams and other alumni of the Iraq Intelligence Stovepiping Club advising the Rmoneybot, they're sure to have the straight scoop, eh?