Friday, February 01, 2013

Behold your Republican Future

They'll deny global warming as long as politically possible...and then they will copy this gentleman's style:
If there's a need, a Chinese entrepreneur will find a way. The foul smog swallowing much of China has inspired one such man to launch a humorous campaign to focus on environmental issues -- by selling canned fresh air.

Known for his showman flair, millionaire Chen Guangbiao stood on a Beijing sidewalk on Wednesday handing out cans filled with what he said was air procured from remote areas of the country untainted by air pollution, according to Reuters.
Mr. Guangbiao is doing this to make a point, a pro-environmental point.

But you can bet that if given a chance, the Koch Brother's will have an oxygen-can plant operating the moment their lungs threaten to turn as black as their hearts.

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StonyPillow said...

Hey, we did that for the first Earth Day. Our air never got crazy bad, though.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, if I remember right, Mexico City had oxygen booths -- like telephone booths (remember those?) but your coins bought three minutes of fresh air.

Don't know if it's true -- I certainly hope it is -- but I recently read Mexico City's air pollution levels have dropped significantly in recent years.

pansypoo said...

it will be too late before they come to reality.