Monday, February 04, 2013

Some reform

All major sports have had gambling scandals, so this isn't an international soccer phenomena exclusively.

But when you are the world's most popular sport and where in many countries gambling on sports is not only legal, but encouraged as a business model -- and countries where corruption is rampant -- well, nobody can be surprised at this:

A Champions League tie played in England is one of 680 matches across the world investigators say was fixed. European police did not reveal the identity of the match they believe was corrupt in England.
Major American team sports are rather insular. The NFL, though it stages an occasional game overseas or Canada is exclusively American; MLB almost so, like the NBA so controls are gambling are easier, but we still have a Pete Rose or a Art Schlichter.

But for a sport spread around the globe, I don't know how you avoid trouble like this.


pansypoo said...

but do they juice?

Anonymous said...

"Playing to a tie" was fixed. How much effort did that take ?