Tuesday, February 05, 2013

There's not much more to say about this guy than

Holy shit, What An Asshole!

To put it mildly.


Anonymous said...

At least he's consistent.

"Todd appears to have a kink of sexting girls he doesn’t know very well. The first incident we were made aware of was brought to us by a source who requested anonymity, for obvious reasons. This source claimed that she became acquainted with Todd on Twitter and that he was very eager to get down to business with the dirty pics via email.

He texted her a pic of his dick.

And, wouldn't 'ya know it - Kincannon has gone on Fox to discuss the legal aspects of - sexting.

And that's how I like my irony served, my friend!


Montag said...

Well, unfortunately, Martin will never grow to adulthood, mostly because he had the misfortune to cross paths with a dickhead just like Kincannon.

pansypoo said...

haters gotta hate, but i bet he thinks he's a xtian.