Thursday, July 22, 2004

Call him Bushmael

In a move the Bush Administration, given its practice, will surely term the "Whale Preservation Initiative" it has reversed decades of precedent and moved to help bring about a resumption of commercial whaling.

The United States called for the management scheme to be completed and ready for consideration and adoption at next year's IWC meeting.

The move by the United States, traditionally an anti-whaling country, alarmed some environmentalists. A statement by the Humane Society of the United States, a member of an anti-whaling umbrella coalition called Whalewatch, called the move "inexplicable."

"This is the most serious effort to go back to commercial whaling since the ban was passed," said Patricia Forkan of the Humane Society.

It took 50 years for international whaling to be banned, and in one less than four year swoop the Bush Administration has managed to allow it to survive.

"Fuck Willy"; "Slaughter Shamu"; the only one to be saved will be"Mumbly Dick".

President Ahab has brought back the least popular animal hunt this side of baby seal clubbing.

Thar...he blows!

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