Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Iraq in Trouble; Economy Slumping Again; Virtually Every Policy a Failure; Democrats United; Convention Starts -- SAY, How 'bout that Hacking Murder?

Our brave SCLM, our nation's future and world events are soooooo boring, playing up the tragedy of the murder of a pregnant white woman -- NOW THAT'S NEWS.

Huzzah...we've got pablum for the masses...dead...white...and pregnant...YEE HAW!!!

Once again, the First Amendment and Corporate, Consolidated media are a dangerous and destructive brew.

Oh, and Iraq. How's that going?

A new wave of kidnappings has sent shockwaves through the diplomatic community in Baghdad, virtually shutting down most embassies and thwarting Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's efforts to drum up international support for his fledgling government...

Ah, never mind. That poor WHITE WOMAN WAS PREGNANT!

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