Monday, July 26, 2004


So I am, in Reno, Nevada at the National Property Manager's Conference enjoying a complimentary orange juice and danish at the back of the conference room. I decide "well let's see if they have wireless", and voila! they do.

I was all about to tell you about the current speaker's tips on "Crisis Management: What to do when your tenant demands their damage deposit back", when I came across this item in the New York Daily News online:

Rush Limbaugh and Peggy Noonan had people chattering at the Four Seasons the other night. The conservative cohorts, both divorced, gave each other a big hug and, according to one spy, "seemed like they were a date." Noonan says, "I'm flattered, but it's not true." Limbaugh's rep corroborates, "They're old friends"...

Granted, she loves dolphins, and he is comprised of, and spews blubber out of his blowhole daily. These two facts could lead one to believe they'd be a natural couple. However, c'mon Peggy, even your regular dose of "c-cell" lovin' has to be better than rollin' toward the side Rush is beached upon at night?

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