Friday, July 30, 2004

Hope, um, Help, Lame Captions on the Way

So John Kerry gives the speech of his life, much to the consternation and delusional denial of those who are either suckin' on the GOP teat, or needing to try to grovel on their knees for money (but we are not mentioning Sully's name or anything).

The night in pictures:

MSNBC's Hackapalooza brigade hyperventilated that Al Sharpton was allowed to live after giving a speech on Wednesday. On Thursday Sharpton held up a sign that caused Chris Matthews to literally fall into a induced coma. Maybe Tawana wasn't right, but Chris Matthews in a coma...THAT sounds like justice. I was just gonna settle for one of Al's old medallions up Tweety's ass.

John Kerry complies, and does, in fact, Boot Bush.

Sisters, doin' it for themselves -- and remember our Dad resurrected a Hamster, while Bush resurrected Poindexter, Elliot Abrams, and Negroponte. I prefer the Hamster.

In reality, they are watching fireworks in the evening after leaving the convention, but soon Drudge will say its Kerry asking where the "fucking" balloons are.

Five weeks until the Republican Convention, where if there are pictures like this, Attaturk can really go to town.

Meanwhile, Ed Gillespie was criticizing Kerry for outsourcing for a wife.

I'm sorry about what John Kerry said last night Prince, we know it is not true...can you please implement operation "I'll save your ass through increased production" now?

Oh, and besides a foreign wife, Mr. Kerry has a "chin", you cannot trust a man with a strong chin. Do not trust the chin-endowed! Vote Republican, we are chinless wonders.

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