Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Pondering Hatred of Clinton

I have been doing a lot of thinking since reading some of Bill Clinton's book. I am curious about why the right-wing hates Clinton? Consider that the right-wing and nut-wing have attacked Clinton even before he was elected president. Right-wing coffers sang with the same song: Get Clinton. Removal from office using any means necessary was the melody.

It was right-wing activists who pushed Flowers and poor Paula into the lime light in a focused effort to destroy the candidate and then president. These activists then created a series of scandals such as whitewater, the so-called travelgate, and of course, Monica Lewinsky to name just a few of the efforts.

What is it that so enrages these people? Even several years after Clinton has been out of office, efforts to attack him and people associated with his administration (such as recent attacks on Sandy Berger as a case in point). According to this effort (not a conspiracy since they operated for the most part in the light of day), everything wrong with this country seems tied to Bill (or for that matter Hillary) Clinton by these operatives.

What do these activists hope to accomplish? What creates such a long lasting hatred of this man? Or of both Bill and Hillary? I wonder if it is that the Clintons represent something dangerous to the right-wing? Just what is it that is so dangerous? I believe that it is simply that the Clintons, especially Bill, demonstrated how the Democrats could defeat the Republicans and have a good time while doing it and that was his crime. He showed that the Republican hegemony from Reagan could be disrupted and countered. Right-wing activists will never forgive Clinton for this unpardonable sin. The question is what will we do?

What do you think causes such hatred of Clinton(s)?

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