Saturday, July 31, 2004

Pot, Kettle & the Calico Cat

Attaturk is busy with the real world today, where he is known by his actual name and cannot talk about himself in the third person nor be a blogger by day, and fight crime by night.

However, before I go off to reality, I perused the infobahn as usual looking for stories that I can at least post about as if I found them all by myself.

Nobody reads Talking Points Memo right?

Good, then nobody has noticed that Josh Marshall has this about a missive from Barbara Comstock, former spokemodelperson for John Ashcroft:

His daughter told this story as if we could all relate to this "human" moment of mouth-to-mouth contact with a rodent. I think I can speak for most parents, that while we might lay down our lives for our children; we see no need to swap spit with vermin.


John Kerry may have been able to breath life into a hamster; and he may have been able to breath some hope (or is it help?) into the gerbil-loving delegates; but he's still a strange, Herman Munster-like figure to me.

Oh, sweetness and light. God forbid that a child tell a humorous anectdote about their parent. I love the use of "rodent" and "vermin" too.

But Comstock's purpose is to try to call Kerry, strange and weird.


-- Ashcroft "annoints" himself with oil when he takes a new job.
-- Ashcroft thinks that Calico Cats are the sign of the Devil!
-- Ashcroft is anxiously waitin' for the Rapture!
-- Ashcroft hangs out with "snake-handlers"!
-- Ashcroft wants a curtain hung over the Lady of Justice!
-- Ashcroft was more concerned about porn than terrorism!
-- Ashcroft not only wrote, but sings "Let the Eagle Soar"!

And yet to Comstock, John Kerry is strange? Does she claim an expertise on such matters now, because I didn't see it in the original post.

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