Saturday, July 24, 2004

Cultural Snob

Attaturk was attending to personal hygiene and appearance yesterday (as he does every couple weeks because his body is a temple [granted it is a Temple of Elemental Evil, but still...]). This meant going to a location that had a television on, tuned to the cult leader of American Banality, O-P-R-A-H.

And who was the guest? Why the lovely Halle Berry. I was trapped in this location, forced to choose between reading Cosmopolitan, McCalls or watching the teevee, I chose the latter.

If there was a more unctuous period of broadcasting I have never seen it. Essentially it consisted of Halle Berry discussing how her ex-husband had that status because he kept boinking other woman.

I believe the correct diagnosis for such an individual would be INCREDIBLE DUMBASS. But, I'm no Charles Krauthammer.

Even FoxNews is more tolerable (except for the prime time hours). Man, daytime TV sucks, it is enough to make you happy to have to go to work.

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