Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Oh, am I supposed to "bend over" and be nice now?

So Sully endorsed Kerry, and said nice things to an extent about the Democrats.

Well, until this last line.

Remember when we were one as a nation? Do you really think that president Bush is capable of bringing any of us together again? Of course, some Democrats are responsible for exactly that polarization. But it's nevertheless a smart move to portray themselves as a unifying future compared to the divisive past.

Oh, yes, "some democrats are responsible"...not "contributed" or not "also responsible", just "responsible."

No, nobody like Sully ever called the opponents of the Iraqi "kick ass kickoff" appeasers; nor did he ever imply they were traitors, not just to their society but civilization. And God knows, by emphasizing things like Gay Marriage, and implying their opponents were un-american wussies, the Bush Administration certainly played no fucking part in dividing the country.

Remember the term "WEDGE ISSUE" Andy pants? Forgetting that you yourself have both pushed the wedge and been staked upon its leading edge by the beflightsuited manly man you so once adored, and still want to?

You right these craptastic missives and expect to be paid money, when there are hundreds of more eloquent bloggers doing it for free?


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