Monday, February 21, 2005


The Horror, The Horror:

MIXING BUSINESS & PLEASURE? Tongues are wagging about the recent intimate dinners between actor and frequent "Hardball" guest Ron Silver and leggy, blond, right-wing pundit Ann Coulter. The two were spotted dining together twice in recent weeks. The other night they were at Elio's, and a Lowdown spy said, "They looked like they were on a date." Silver threw cold water on any romantic speculation. "I'm deeply interested in slander and I needed to know how to talk to a liberal," Silver quipped, having fun with the titles of two of Coulter's best-selling books. Coulter, meanwhile, E-mailed: "Ron Silver is a great American, but Matt Drudge is my only true love!" I hear elsewhere that Silver and Coulter have been talking about co-hosting a television show.

Damn. And I already put a post using a scene from "The Crying Game" already.

I suppose I could make a joke about how on the Simpson's Marge's sister Patty almost married Ann Coulter.

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