Friday, February 18, 2005

Worst Paragraphs in the English Language not involving Venereal Disease

Involving Andrew "The Iraq War? $1.6 Billion tops!" Nastios is flying off to the middle east on our dime with some loathsome folks in tow.

Agency for International Development Administrator Andrew S. Natsios may be heading to Dubai and Afghanistan next week, taking along a small press contingent: Rush Limbaugh and, briefly, CNN anchor Daryn Kagan -- they are a famous item these days -- along with Mary Matalin, who is going as an ex officio White House adviser.

AID lists the purpose of the trip as "to monitor progress in Afghan Reconstruction." Spokesman Jeffrey Grieco, who's listed as one of the five AID people going, would not confirm or deny, save to say the agency "is anxious to get the word out about our successful reconstruction program in Afghanistan," including improved health care and improved access to education for women and children. For his part, Limbaugh is also eager to speak to the troops.

...well, on second thought maybe it's a tie:


"Gonorrhea in men is often indicated by a white, yellow, or green pus from the penis with pain; burning sensations during urination that may be severe/ and swollen testicles"

Nope, top two paragraphs still win.

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