Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Chicken Shit PBS--One More Time

I posted this last week but feel so strongly about it, I'm putting it up again, in honor of tonight's episode of Frontline.

First PBS pulls the plug on Buster for its lesbian show and now this. Tonight the NewsHour reported that PBS is sending edited versions of its next Frontline program, A Company of Soldiers, because the unedited version has thirteen instances of profanity. Thirteen instances of soldiers cussing. Apparently PBS is asking broadcasers who air the unedited version to sign agreements holding the mother ship harmless from any fines levied by the FCC for the use of profanity. Here is how PBS describes the program:

FRONTLINE reports from inside the U.S. Army's 8th Cavalry Regiment stationed in Baghdad for an up-close, intimate look at the dangers facing an American military unit in Iraq. Shot in the weeks following the U.S. presidential election, the film tracks the day-to-day challenges facing the 8th Cavalry's Dog Company as it suddenly has to cope with a dramatic increase in attacks by the insurgents.

Imagine that, American soldiers in fear of having their DICKS shot off using a little profane language. Sorry mom, but I jut gotta say it: you have to be FUCKING kidding me. Who do these MOTHERFUCKERS think they are? Did they think just because they get a few right wing puss-bags in the upper reaches of government that they could clean up the world for all of us? Apparently so, and quite effectively I might add with PBS running like a scared piece of SHIT from the COCSUCKING Nazis at the FCC and Brent Bozell's mad scientist outfit.

These lousy, good-for-nothing ASSHOLES want not only to clean up the airwaves but show us a sanitized war in which our soldiers getting killed and FUCKING maimed only say prayers with sweet words. God bless mommy and Daddy right? Give us our daily bread, right? Not sweet Jesus, please deliver me from this God forsaken SHIT SWAMP. Save our sorry-asses and help us go home. Deliver us from the evil of this place and the COCK-SUCKING, MOTHER-FUCKING, SHIT-EATING, PISS-DRINKING BUTT-FUCKS that put us here. We're doing the best we can even though we didn't want to come. God help us.


Oh, and PBS, drop your skivies and let your NUTS hang in the air for a while. Let 'em dangle like a wind chime and air out. You might remember how good it feels.

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