Saturday, February 19, 2005

Soylent Green

Bobo, the canard never ends.

In today's episode, Mr. McBobo (thanks Tom Tomorrow), tries to write a column actually criticizing the Bush Administration by saying Democrats would be twice as bad.

He's preaching velvet revolution, oligarchical supremacy.

Douchebag uber alles.

There's going to be a millionaire rising out of the country somewhere and he (or she) is going to lead a movement of people who are worried about federal deficits, who are offended by the horrendous burden seniors are placing on the young and who are disgusted by a legislative process that sometimes suggests that the government has lost all capacity for self-control.

Those seniors, they will be a bit gamey...but all-in-all, delicious. Last I heard, Seniors didn't draft or push through the medicare clusterfuckery Davie, nor are they calling for Social Security to be changed...nor are they trying to keep us from getting those dangerous Canadian drugs.

Not so shockingly from Bobolicious is a failure to mention we've spent $300 billion in Iraq and all we've gotten is this lousy bloody, "Ashura T-Shirt". Silly me, military spending and blowin' up stuff, that's a good use of resources.

And finally, Bobo, paid well into the six-figures, for writing this tripe, decides it is time to lay the blame squarely on the "old farts".

We may as well be blunt about the driving force behind all this. The living and well organized are taking money from the weak and the unborn. Over the past decades we have seen a gigantic transfer of wealth from struggling young families and the next generation to members of the AARP. In 1990, 29 percent of federal spending went to seniors; by 2015 roughly half of all government spending will go to those over 65. This prescription drug measure is just part of that great redistribution.

How are all these white people supposed to have babies when Grandma and Grandpa won't do the decent thing and DIE?!

And then, what for Bobo counts as an allegedly great close:

But what can't last won't last. Before too long, some new sort of leader is going to arise, especially if we fail to reform Social Security this year. He's going to rail against a country that cannot control its appetites. He's going to rail against Republicans who promise to be virtuous - but not just yet. He's going to slam Democrats who loudly jeer at Republican deficits but whose own entitlement proposals would make the situation twice as bad. He's going to crusade against the interest groups who are so ferocious on behalf of their members that they sacrifice the future.

It won't be a green-eyeshade economic crusade this leader will be launching. It will be a moral crusade, and it'll be quite a show.

Note the pronoun usage.

Note the fact that the GOP has passed these wretched bills, pushed by the Republican President...and YET somehow the Democrats are blamed as being "twice as bad"!

No the great show, will be the day that Davey is fired from the Times and is relegated to being the best writer at NRO Online.

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