Thursday, February 17, 2005


Update to a post from August 3, 2004, when the Dept. of Homeland Security procalimed a terror alert RIGHT AFTER the Democratic National Convention:

Tom Ridge:

August 3, 2004:

"We don't do politics in the Department of Homeland Security."

Remember that on August 1, 2004, two days earlier:

Tom Ridge:

"But we must understand that the kind of information available to us today is the result of the President's leadership in the war against terror."

It was pathetic at the time...and effective in keeping Kerry from getting a sizeable bounce and was among many factors allowing the "re" election of the boy king.

But consider the August 3, 2004 statement, "don't do politics" and the following:

Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge met privately with Republican pollsters twice in a 10-day span last spring as he embarked on more than a dozen trips to presidential battleground states.

Ridge's get-togethers with Republican strategists Frank Luntz and Bill McInturff during a period the secretary was saying his agency was playing no role in Bush's re-election campaign were revealed in daily appointment calendars obtained by The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act.

"We don't do politics in the Department of Homeland Security," Ridge told reporters during the election season.

His aides resisted releasing the calendars for over a year, finally providing them to the AP three days after Ridge left office this month.

Naturally, the DoHS says "they were just shooting the breeze".

Uh-Huh. Good thing we've replaced Ridge with a dead guy.

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