Friday, February 25, 2005


And now for a bit of malicious cruelty.

I truly have arrived late at the comedy train with this one. Not content with -- thanks to constant stick-taunting -- raising CUJO -- Hannity has set up a dating site where sheep and lemmings can get together for extraordinarily average sex.

Jesse at Pandagon, the website once eaten by Steven Colbert (and it was delicious), noticed this more than a week ago and already made the funniest wisecrack:

The only question is, who's going to be Hannity, and who's going to be Colmes?

What is a "Hannity-style romance", exactly? Wouldn't it just be really angry masturbation with someone else watching on and weakly challenging your technique as you scream at them?

Now that is really funny. That Jesse, now I hate him too.

I admit having a conflict about doing some of these. After all these people aren't celebrities and, being a Hannity fan is really punishment enough. Further, you won't see Attaturk posing for a digital camera and putting his mug up for internet display. But you know, put your picture up on the "internets" and you run the risk...

Ann Coulter and Paula Jones love-child.

Nothing hotter than a date with someone's "last known photo"

The Jet-Ski denotes, conservative and international spy.

When a Wendell Wilkie and a Thomas Dewey love each other very much...

Oh Lord.

Not really a date, more like meeting to discuss buying a time-share.

Calling JimmyJeff

Secretly hearts Jeff Gordon.

Whitest man on the planet.

This makes Jesus Cry.

Oh Lord, part II.

Like more than one of these folks, despite the fact she listens to Hannity AND submits a PICTURE, feels need to also point out she is WHITE!

We keed, we keed.

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