Monday, February 21, 2005

Why I Would Be Bad at Diplomacy

To have this moron extol the virtues of setting aside our differences, you know, let bygones be bygones.

BRUSSELS, Belgium - President Bush (news - web sites) appealed to Europe on Monday to move beyond animosities over Iraq (news - web sites) and join forces in encouraging democratic reforms across the Middle East. He also prodded Russia to reverse a crackdown on political dissent, demanded that Iran end its nuclear ambitions and told Syria to get out of Lebanon.

Bush's speech on a five-day fence-mending trip to Europe was aimed at both U.S. and European audiences. "In a new century, the alliance of America and Europe is the main pillar of our security," he said.

He used the word "alliance" 12 times in his speech to underscore his aim to repair relations frayed by the war in Iraq. But not all his speech was conciliatory.

Right. Now he wants an "alliance".. Now he wants to "mend fences". See if I heard that kind of talk, know what I would tell him? Well probably the same thing tens of millions of people would also like to tell him. And he says this shit without a bit of irony.

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