Saturday, February 19, 2005

Is the Right Winning the Battle of the Media

Is Buster being used by the religious and far right to control PBS?

It is clear that the religious and far right are engaged in a long range strategic attack on the media. The little bump of Jeff Gannon--James Guckert is but a distraction, a small speed bump when compared to the victories of the right in recent memory.

Now we see that they have intimidated PBS again. (thanks to Now people are going to take issue with me because Mitchell has been contoversial in her career and not exactly a friend to creative programming. And I say, fair enough but we must not lose sight on where the larger problems lay.

We must not kid ourselves or overlook what is going on here. There is a coordinated attack on the media we experience everyday. Just think about the various efforts:

Michael Powell's attack on supposed indeceny after we all saw a breast at last year's Superbowl simply gave him cover to create the mechanisms for attacking liberals, progressives, or creative thinkers; the most recent congressional increases for fines on indecency; attacks on so-called evil cartoon characters Spongebob, and most recently Buster Bunny's travels to the state of Vermont when we all know that the state is full of "them."

These people are serious and they will not stop.

Where is our coordinated strategy to stop "Conservative Correctness?" Or to fight against "Patriotic Censorship?"

We must fight back. And we must do it now!

Instead of criticizing PBS for Postcards from Buster because it shows some Lesbian couples, I say we criticize PBS and all of the media for not showing enough Gay and Lesbian couples. When the far right takes pot shots, I say we respond everytime.

Hey, at least we have facts and truth on our side. (from

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