Thursday, February 24, 2005

JimmyJeff is on the Today Show

Oh man. I miss all the horror or the male whore. Or as Pansypoo calls him, the Ho-Ho.

I can just imagine the interview, if it has already happened, well too bad. Is Katie doing it? Perhaps they can compare colons?

Katie: "Jeff Gannon, you were at White House press conferences, and a male prostitute?"

JimmyJeff: "I was a reporter, and my past mistakes or indiscretions should not be held against me. As a Christian I believe in conveniently proclaimed redemption."

Katie: "Well, I just want to say, that I've been to some of those websites where you said that you were a former marine as well. I have got to say this, because it is what I believe. TOPS ROCK!!"

UPDATE: Oh my dream ruined. It was Campbell Brown doing the interview. Transcript here.

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