Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Public Relations War

On an ever increasingly bizzare Larry King inspired news network, CNN Headline News, we have a segment on how much we all owe to that monument of life, the Crash Test Dummy. A segment on bloggers which focuses on Wonkette and two right wingers (even the supposed left winger was pretty far to the right). Ah, the Fox "news" effect -- everyone has to reort from the far side of the aisle, right side to appear credible.

Well my friends, it gets worse. In a segment a few minutes later, CNN HN talks about the possibility of a run for the presidency from Condi Rice! Yes, that's right! Bush husbanding, mushroom cloud lying, secretary of state because she lies lies lies for the preznit, Condoleezza Rice for president. And still it gets stranger from there. Yes, it does.

Apparently conservative activists who are attending C-PAC (the annual super duper conference of conservatives who are willing to do anything to get their guy into office) are calling for Rice to run for president in 2008. Memo to some conservative activists: Better check with several, how shall we say... conservative voters... who may not like the way Condi looks.

Check it out though, I am not kidding. Really.

They are already running radio ads in Iowa!!!!

Wait, wait... wait... before you get apoplectic!

They even have a theme song! Imagine a guy doing a bad Johnny Rivers impression and singing the following:

will lead us,
brother, lead us
into a

will lead all good people..."

Of course, CNN HN then goes into polls showing how popular Rice is, how she might beat that evil democrat Hillary Clinton.

This is crazy. She lied, lied, lied, and then lied some more. She has so covered for the imperial Bush presidency that she refers to Bush as her husband. What is up with that? Seeing a supposed liberal news network basically doing PR for the far right republican party is just too damn much.

I know I promised my mom that I would not swear so much anymore but I have to... What the FUCK!?!?

Of course, sign me up for getting one of the bobble heads.

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