Monday, February 28, 2005

The truth about social security

From the mouth of the former GOP House Majority leader Dick Armey has admitted the true GOP goal: "I think if you leave people free to choose, it will be phased out by competition." Oh, I wonder if that is really what people will do? Honesty seems to be the last thing that the Bush misadministration is interested in when discussing their policies.

I have to wonder what will happen if people recognize that the GOP wants to abandon social security?

"We now have a generation of people that are thoroughly committed to investing their hopes and futures in private IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts)," Armey said. "People will always do better for themselves when they are free to choose from among competing options than if they are compelled. Most thoughtful people could do better."

And what of the thousands and millions who cannot afford expensive investment advice? Or cannot survive without the safe guards that any compassionate goverment would have for its citizens?

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