Saturday, February 26, 2005

Andrew Greeley gives Bush a slapdown

Ok, ok... if Andrew Greeley is writing an effective smackdown of his imperial duncery, maybe its time to admit that Bush does not "want to lead," he wants to make the world safe for future C- students. It is critical that we set the bar very low, right? That way those students who lack vision, ideas, credentials, and training can run gov't into the ground.

But don't worry about pesky reporters, just buy them off or stack the deck with "high quality" journalists like Gannon-Gucky. Worried about the people you might run into out on the road? Just script your events and have the news media cover it like its not scripted. Simple. And if some people will not agree to your terms, cancel the event.

Mission accomplished.

Of course, just beware of people who might be compelled to tell the truth. Even in your own party.

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