Thursday, February 17, 2005

Harry Reid Takes to the NewsHour

I guess it has been a while since I've posted, at least a couple of days, and the e-mails won't stop coming. Where are you Champollion? The third leg of the middling triumvirate is missing. Where are you? First I should say the last three sentences weren't really true. I guess none of those e-mails really happened. Oh well, what can I say? A guy has to make a living every now and again and lately I've been busy. Attaturk told me he was going to be busy the next several days and his posting might be lighter than usual. We'll see...

So as I jump back into the fray I thought I'd start with Harry Reid. My first comments on Reid a number of weeks back were not completely positive (too lazy to link to the archive so pretend it is here). I must say that he is proving to be up to the job. I just gotta say I find him to be stylistically unappealing. I don't really like his style though they seem to have a mold for these guys no matter their party affiliation (milquetoast). And I cannot stand the way he says SoScurdy. Many politicians do it, kind of like running for Prezny.

In substance, however, Reid was terrific. Jim Lehra hit ol' Harry with some of the usual Repugnican talking points on Social Security and Judicial nominations. No half-measure answers from the good Senator. There is no crisis. Bush is attempting nothing short of destroying the single greatest program ever enacted. No Democrats will support the effort. He can't pass it. We will offer amendment after amendment to improve any bill that makes it to the floor. On judicial appointments: Bill Clinton would loved to have had a record like Bush. We have a duty to advise the President. We will do our duty.

Really, Harry. Great job.

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