Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday Miscellaneous Lifeform Blogging

Okay, I tried mind-melding with my dog on what "thing" to pick for miscellaneous lifeform blogging today and this is all I got:

The Dog:

Bow down before me foolish two-legs,
Act upon my commands as I give them to thee,
Your neighbors displease Satan, they must die.
Kill thy neighbors for Satan
Kill thy neighbors for Satan
Kill thy neighbors for Satan!


Or instead get your paws off me
and give me a fucking snausage,
then give me another snausage.

And don't think I don't
know what you're doing for 15 minutes behind
that closed door.

Obviously that was no help at all.

So let's move on with something that can illustrate the week, and is flexible in its uses. Not only is its fruit great on a salad; a favorite when dilled; but it is also can be used as an inexpensive object of sexual pleasure.

I give you...

The Cucumber Plant

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