Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Theme Recycling

Having done consecutive "dog" posts, and knowing that the rest of the day is devoted to my "real" job, why not do some recyclng from late last August.

GREAT SCOTTIES IN AMERICAN HISTORY (Miss Beasley not yet qualified)

I may be forgetting one, but it seems to me that three Scottish Terriers have played a major role in American History the last 60 years. Let's go to the history to determine their contributions and importance.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Fala.

-- Is part of historical statuary.
-- Able to control the United States Navy.
-- Only "actual" Dog we know of that was politically attacked.

Eisenhower's Scottie Telek

-- Kept Ike's mind off Kay Summersby and on Mamie.
-- Helped beat back the huns and that bitch Blondi.

Bush's Dog Barney:

-- Able to survive long falls.
-- Knows when to take a dump.
-- Forced to visit Rick Santorum.

Commentor Joshowitz makes a important point. Bush is double-plus good when it comes to Scotties.

-- Able to find a press pigeon to get him out of trouble, one way or another.
-- Can Lie without shame.
-- Marks territory early each morning on Bill Sammon's Desk.
-- Likes to sniff crotches

Bonus Query:

Updated from August.

Does it violate Godwin's Law to mention Hitler's Dog? Because I've done it two consecutive times.

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