Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Because you can Never Help Out an Idiot Enough

Ether a commenter at Eschaton/Atrios/Duncanland/DailynotKos/PaleBlueblogger/A-Man
notes that Sean Hannity is apparently either too dumb to name his dog, or thinks his assortment of mouth-breathers listening are smart enough to come up with one.

I think this calls for me to rip off my own comment and repost my own suggestion again.

Male Dog --- Coulter

Female Dog --- Noonan

Fixed Dog --- Colmes

You see how much easier it is to think when you are literate and can breathe through your nose?

To be honest, I thought all FoxNews personalities named their dog Blondi, with the exception of Colmes who is only allowed to own a Parakeet named Mr. Tootles.

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