Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Good Lord

How long can the major media continue to trot out Ernest T. Bass, ESQ or American Albino Hugh Hewitt constantly to talk about blogging from a right-wing perspective...but when it comes to left-wing?

We get represented by Wonkette?


Ana Marie Cox, who has been joking about the Gannon photos on her satirical site,, said they are creating a buzz because "obviously pictures of naked people are titillating." But, she added, "bloggers are wrong to bring that into the mix of things of why he shouldn't be a White House correspondent. Aren't we bloggers in favor of a lower bar of access, not a higher one?

"I'd like to be able to go to the White House briefing room, and I haven't even posed naked -- just been asked."

Thanks genius. You can go back to writing about the butt-sex experiences Congressional interns again.

Meanwhile, Susan of Suburban Guerilla, Tena or Athenae of First Draft, if Howie is just working on the ladies, or Majikthise, among others, all just keep cranking out the quality without recognition.

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