Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Banned Words of 2010™: Q2 Update

Because it's never too early to put the world on notice ...

New items in bold. As always, add your suggestions in comments, tune in for future updates, and join us in December for year-end list culling.
  1. Recession
  2. Gunman
  3. Retention bonus
  4. Lockdown
  5. Too big to fail
  6. Octomom
  7. Toxic assets
  8. Stress Test
  9. Obamism
  10. Green shoots (re the economy)
  11. Temperament
  12. The New New
  13. Twitter
  14. Bánh mì (It's a sandwich, people!)
  15. Swarovski crystals
  16. Empathy
  17. New media, including but not limited to "Social Networking"
  18. Closely watched yardstick (Athenawise from comments)
  19. Emboldended (The Kenosha Kid from comments)
  20. Cougar (Jay C from comments)

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