Monday, June 22, 2009

Fill in the Blanks

Your answers in comments, please. No clicking!

The Economist:
Men like these see Mr. __[A]___’s administration as dangerously incompetent in its domestic policy and recklessly confrontational in foreign affairs. Most ominous to some have been his purges not just of __[B]__s, but also of the wider __[C]__ from __[D]__, local government and ___[E]___ in favour of people seen as narrow-minded, bullying provincials. This, together with the parcelling-out of rich government contracts to ideological allies such as __[F]_____, has raised fears that __[G]____ is drifting towards a Venezuelan model of demagogic cronyism.
Bonus points: list a few examples of "narrow-minded bullying provincials".

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