Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hannity's Dear dear...dear friend

Also best buds with Pat Buchanan.

Today, FBI agents went to the New Jersey home of white supremacist blogger/radio host Hal Turner and arrested him "on a federal complaint filed in Chicago alleging that he made internet postings threatening to assault and murder three federal appeals court judges in Chicago in retaliation for their recent ruling upholding handgun bans in Chicago and a suburb,"

Not such an idle threat considering white supremecists have taken violent actions against Federal Judges and their families in Chicago quite recently (in most countries the media might call this "terrorism", but it's just another murder in the U.S. of A.). Hal Turner absolutely adored the act and wanted it done some more.

And who just is this Hal Turner?

Identifying himself as "Hal from North Bergen", Turner became notable in American conservative circles as a frequent caller to WABC radio talk shows hosted by Bob Grant and Sean Hannity. Turner parlayed this fame into a role as the northern New Jersey coordinator for Patrick J. Buchanan's 1992 presidential campaign. He went on to serve as campaign manager for Libertarian Party candidate Murray Sabrin in New Jersey in the 1990s, including a 1997 gubernatorial campaign.

Turner reportedly established a friendship with Sean Hannity, on whose program he was a frequent presence. However, when confronted by the New Black Panther Party's Malik Zulu Shabazz about his association with Turner (in light of Hannity's scrutiny of Barack Obama's association with Jeremiah Wright), Hannity at first denied knowing Turner, then said he had banned Turner from his radio station, and that he never supported Turner's views. Turner subsequently posted this response on his website: "I was quite disappointed when Sean Hannity at first tried to say he didn't know me. In fact, Sean does know me and we were quite friendly a few years ago."

This is also not the first time Hannity & Buchanan's buddy has made threats against the judges of the Seventh Circuit.

In short, he's a FoxNews/RightWing Radio kind of asshole.

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