Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things I missed while I was gone

I do believe Glenn Greenwald took the measure of the Man who produces Pants full of Dough:

The thing that I will miss most about the departure of K-Lo is the regular source of material, of course. Though the frequency may diminish, at least there will still be some. And I also cannot just let this one pass:

I'm pretty sure K-Lo was never offended or demanded an apology for this...

...and then there's filthy-minded Lucianne Goldberg, who secured her footnote in American political history as Linda Tripp's accomplice, delightedly hawking a story to the equally spiteful New York Press about Clinton "finger-fucking" his daughter Chelsea.

I noticed El Pantload Pastoso didn't chirp in about Letterman the last two weeks. For once, avoiding blatant blog fodder on one thing.

Though he remained a douche for all other purposes.

And now I depart with just one example of classic Pantloadese demonstrating his "merit":

Let your fingers keep doin' the walkin' Jonah.

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