Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some justice

Better justice would be this guy being allowed to live in Bush's guest house.

The discovery of suicide martyr videos seemed certain proof that Abd al Rahim Abdul Rassak was part of al-Qaida. A closer look at his video, though, showed he was actually being tortured by al-Qaida...

Federal prosecutors had argued that even though Rassak was tortured by al-Qaida as a suspected Western spy and imprisoned by the Taliban for a year and a half, he still maintained some kind of allegiance to his tormentors.

"I disagree!" wrote the judge, adding that U.S. officials are "taking a position that defies common sense."

You know, what the hell federal prosecutors? The truly fucked up thing about Gitmo and the whole bullshit perpetual detention regime is that it causes these unconscionable positions. Oh, they weren't terrorists, but now that we've systematically abused them, detained them, and ruined their lives we can't let 'em go because they will be really mad.

Golly, that makes 'em sound like about right to me.

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