Sunday, June 28, 2009

Behold the Washington Post

There was actually a response from the Ombudsman on Friday to the firing of Froomkin by the Post.

And the Post revealed why they are such an awesome editorial page...for understanding the VILLAGER mindset:
I was off much of this week with a minor medical problem. But when I was able to start querying editors yesterday, a wall of silence was erected. Raju Narisetti, the managing editor who oversees the Web site, declined to go beyond last week’s PR statement. Online Opinions Editor Marisa Katz, after talking Thursday with the Washington CityPaper, said she had been instructed not to respond to additional queries. And Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt, who had previously responded to questions from me and other journalists (including the CityPaper on Thursday), today said he was unable to comment.

But hacks like Richard Cohen and Robert Samuelson, not to mention Broder, who existence seem to remain ONLY for the purpose of being mocked go on and on forever.

The fact is, the Post, when Obama came in decided to try to destroy what made Froomkin so good -- and, in fact, it never has respected what made him so good. Fearlessly demanding the media, including the Post, act like journalists -- Froomkin is a hundred times the more honest media critic than Howark Kurtz, and two-hundred times brighter than the smarmy Dana Milbank.


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