Monday, June 15, 2009

A Hearbeat Away

And now she's ginned up a feud... with a talk show host. Sarah Palin is a venal and deeply stupid woman who has now, with this latest nonsense, exploited almost all of her children (Bristol, Piper, and Trig in the primaries, Willow now, and I'm sure Track, Truck, Trip, or Trick or whatever his name is will be next). And she's never ever going to be anything other than governor of Alaska. The 2012 primaries are going to be entertaining.

On another note, my condolences to Attaturk with regard to the news that he won't have K-Lo to kick around much longer (or at least as often). This is going to seriously cramp his style.

At least we'll always have Rich "Little Starbursts" Lowry.

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