Saturday, February 19, 2011

Americans' War on their own history

Comes to fruition, a Gallup poll for President's Day:

Reagan's been getting a free pass from history that began during his Presidency. Greater than Lincoln, Washington or FDR?

Not even at acting.

And just to be bipartisan, there's no fucking way Clinton is #3 either, nor should Kennedy be 4th.

It's an embarrassment to our own knowledge of well, anything.

But we did help make the Kardasnian's $65 million last year.

Cue Lee Greenwood.


William K Wolfrum said...

Your Previous Post list makes for the best poems. Just sayin'

* Oh this will be lovely
* So let me see here
* Reality versus
* For no particular reason
* Political Protests are one thing
* Too tired to think of something new to write
* user I do believe we’ve found the GOP’s game plan
* Breaking News
* Avery Brundage would approve
* Yep, he's our puppet

StonyPillow said...

Doesn't embarrass me that most people are ignorant. Hell, look who they voted for. 2010 was a national intelligence test, and America failed.

ajm said...

And if Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were still alive, nobody on Earth would give a good goddamn about the Kardashians.

MD said...

My top five in no particular order would be Adams the elder, J.K. Polk, J. Buchanan, W. McKinley and Prince bonnie Georgie the lesser. Willie Taft almost makes it but alas someone must be left out (sigh)

Olives and Arrows said...

...surprize of the poll has to be Clinton. I liked Clinton and voted for him both times but still mildly surprized that he came in at number three.

Twenty years from now Bush 2 will be high up on this list.......

Jamie said...

Most Americans don't know any American History before Reagan.

Extremist Centrist said...

Let's hear it for the Reagan/Bush duo!

Extremist Centrist said...

Oh wait...Bush is nowhere on this list.

More Cheetos pleeze!

pansypoo said...

if reagan had had a republikan congress, he would have been caifornia georgee.

Anonymous said...

All names they can remember from school but if you had asked them why you would probably have received a blank stare except, maybe, for Washington and Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

The results mirror the changing age and poor education of the average American. If asked (w/o multiple choice answers) what Reagan did that was so swell most of those polled likely could not give one example.