Monday, February 21, 2011

You don’t matter

With a major protest of the people coalescing around the Union movement in Wisconsin how many labor leaders were on yesterday's chat shows?

Same as usual, zero.

Meanwhile our new Republican Congress has demonstrated its priorities. After voting to prevent funding Planned Parenthood for family planning, the same Congress moved to fund "family planning" for horses.

Good to know where the American people stand with the Republican Party...well not standing really, more prostrate actually.

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Anonymous said...

But...but...but John McCain's BFF David Gregory had on HAROLD FORD (!!!!) and RICK SANTELLI as his guests!

So there. I guess.

pansypoo said...

the gnewz LOVE zombie reagan. sunday is for republikkklans. axplaind kooie roberts on NPR. ON SUNDAYS.

Anonymous said...

see the change, fuggitabout change, keep the hell with sunday morning vapors..vox