Monday, February 28, 2011

Meanwhile in Local News

Not the brightest criminal:

Early morning chase starts in Des Moines, ends in Warren County

...he incident began when a Des Moines police officer stopped the Dodge Neon on Fleur Drive and asked the driver for his name and information.

When the officer went back to the squad car to verify the driver’s name, the Neon sped away. The chase began about 5:20 a.m. and continued through Des Moines.

A Dodge Neon? Next time try outrunning the cops with a lawnmower. Of course, if you read the story, the chase doesn't exactly cover the police in glory.


pansypoo said...

90 in a neon? but what was his mileage?

Anonymous said...

well, it was still dark. Do Neons glow in the dark? If not, he might have thought he had a chance.

Anonymous said...

3 cruisers lost to the spike strip and the Neon speeds on. Somebody needs a lesson in the proper use of spikes.

Montag said...

In SCCA showroom stock autocrossing, the Neon was the car of choice, because of overall performance v. cost. It may not be a fire-breathing muscle car, but it handles well and is peppy enough, as far as four-cylinders go.

Maybe that's why the guy thought he could evade the police.