Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The New Adventures of the Old Orwellians

Well, surely the public is sure to stay quiet while this bill, this awesome bill, passes.

A Senate proposal that has become known as the Internet "kill switch" bill was reintroduced this week, with a tweak its backers say eliminates the possibility of an Egypt-style disconnection happening in the United States...the name of the bill has been changed to include the phrase "Internet freedom."

It will surely soon turn into a lovely Easter-basket of Freedom, or if you are otherwise inclined perhaps a Passover of Freedom would be more appropriate?


pansypoo said...

keep an eye out for north korean viruses.

MD said...

( I'm typing on my knees with head bowed. Because I'll be mentioning THE AMENDMENT. You may want to shield your eyes from the brillance of it's mere mention). If Freedom of speech was lumped into the Second Amendment there would be busses of teabuggerers racing to Washington at this moment.