Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Weiners

First, seconding Attaturk's Bravo! for Charles Ferguson, whose movie is great and whose speech was the bomb.

Second, I liked "The King's Speech", but for God's sake, "The Social Network" was a much better, more important movie.

Third, you get James Freaking Franco, that brainy hottie, and you don't give him anything to do? Sheesh!

Finally, I love Roger Ebert, but that can't have been the worst Oscarcast he ever endured. Remember the 1989 Alan-Carr-produced show?


acrannymint said...

I haven't seen "The King's Speech" yet but if Colin Firth performed anything like he did in "A Single Man" then he deserved the award.

Raoul Paste said...

I don't even have to click the link regarding Alan Carr. Hoo boy, I bet that was bad.

pansypoo said...

this award was partly cause that movie too.

so glad i ignored the oscars again.

Anonymous said...

"The Social Network" was a much better, more important movie.

No. It wasn't. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

Franco's makeup gets the 'very worst' award. He looked like yet another creepy Johnny Depp character, thus even lamer than usual. (But not as creepy as Kirk - gawd what a walking cadaver...)

The way to really enjoy the oscars is to pre-record it. Just give it an hour head-start. You get to skip commercials _and_ all the boring speeches, and just just get to see the clips and incidental fashion/humor. Takes half the time, takes the boring out. The one or two good speeches you miss will be all over the internet next day anyway.