Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Banality of James Cameron

Somewhere Glenn Beck is fainting...about something else, but he'll get to this eventually.

The NAZIS made 3D movies.

They had been previously ignored because they had been labled as "space films" instead of 3D ones. Oddly enough one film, a musical titled So Real You Can Touch It, featured shots of sizzling Bratwurst.

Of course, like Werner Von Braun, the United States (and/or Canada) eventually took advantage of one the pioneers of this technology:


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pansypoo said...

mmmm, bratwurst.

Poopyman said...

Oh yeah! As soon as I saw the mention of "sizzling bratwurst" I knew there had to be some Dr. Tongue in this post somewhere!

MD said...

I check the TCM and AMC schedules religiously....Damn it, they never have Dr. Tongue movies on. .... pisses me off