Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dear Mr. President

Pretty frustrated with you of late.

Surprise me. Go to Wisconsin today.



MD said...

I don't know about this...I'm gonna hafta think this over a bit more. I get real frustrated with Obama sometimes but I'm also pragmatic. Will his going help or hurt them ? The Kochsuckers will never be swayed. People that have their heads on straight are already on the unions side. Even those that swerve right too often. These are Public not private unions. If it appears he only cares about his meal ticket. It is possible that THAT will be the tipping point in public opinion. (All BullShit but)...... Some good news, the police union has joined the protest. Oh,Oh,Oh even the "sort of fairly" balanced FAUX is pointing out political inequity of this power play. Mainly Shepherd and Juan but it is a start.

pansypoo said...

obama needs to stay away. the focus needs to be on the big dick, walker. he needs to be to biggest story here and his lords-the kock brothers.

Anonymous said...

we need protests in every state that has a kocksucking guv and lege..they have to be answered as they are all trying to do the same dance as Walker.

Anonymous said...

If he isn't careful people may notice that federal employees are with out colective bargaining rights and many Federal employees are not even allowed to belong to a union.

People might say clean your own house Mr. President.

Raoul Paste said...

George Soros recently said, "He has lost control of the narrative"
Indeed so. Its all deficit talk now.