Monday, February 07, 2011

Pepsi Max ad strategy

Let's see the "mis(ses)"

1. The "evils" of "Mis"cegenation

2. The awesomeness of "Mis"ogony.

Sloppy and lazy reinforcement of stereotypes suitable for the hosts of Top Gear, or Reagan's birthday.


StonyPillow said...

The whole point of the Super Bowl is stimulating that purchasing gland, working it to and fro and getting it throbbing and inflamed. Only serious cash outlay will help.

The Chrysler 200 Imported from Detroit commercial did the job. I drive an 11 year old Sentra, and I'll be able to afford payments on the cars they're selling today when they've been around until the girls are out of college, I guess. But I kind of want to go look at one anyway, just to get out of the cold some weekend. And a commercial never does that to me.

Anonymous said...

a purchasing gland? A racist gland? Tied into the sexual glands?
Well yeah, shoot an attractive jewish woman and children and old people with a 9mm Glock and watch the sales of 9mm Glocks soar.
But black attacks on white women and rapish thoughts to sell pop? Anything is possible.vox

pansypoo said...

the whole superbowl sucks. if only it was like the NFC championship with out the bulllshit.

most of the commercials sucked.