Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A more extreme and repellent example

But similar in kind of the relationship between a U.S. Supreme Court justice and unreported payments by conservative money laundering think tanks.

Ciavarella, who took the stand in his own defense, acknowledged to jurors that he failed to report the payments on his tax returns and hid them from the public, but he denied any plot to take kickbacks or extort money.


pansypoo said...

sure i'm corrupt, but i'm no clarence thomas.

MD said...
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MD said...

Some have described Pennsylvania as two cities with Alabama in the middle. Those people are not too far off. This is like a '30s chain gang movie. ... . It brings up an even bigger problem. If you hear that someone got off on a technicality. Do not assume that they were guilty. I've followed this case as best I could since these jagoffs were first arrested. Although PA law does not allow transcripts made public of juvenile trials. ..... . things do leak out (mostly from families). I'm not a lawyer and I never stayed at a Holiday Inn. Yet I'm certain that a great many of these youths did not get punishment commensurate to their allege crimes.....(In this case I would use a stronger word than allege , if I knew one)

Anonymous said...

it all depends on what your meaning of corrupt is..being complicit on an activist court bent on changing the election results in 2000 resulted in a national disaster of wars and debts we still can't recover from is nauseating in extreme.