Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stuff You Should See/Read

I saw this at driftglass' place. Don't know when it originally ran, but I thought it was important.

Oh, it also seems like Howard Fineman jumped on the clue train since he went HuffPo (although I supposed it's possible that he learned all of this from Shepherd Smith).


pansypoo said...

greenspan's nickname amongths wall streetersw was bubbleboy. READ KEVIN PHILLIPS american theocracy. the 3rd part will enrage you.
it is greenspans fault.

Anonymous said...

yesm.. but no one knows anymore who Greenspan is or was, while teachers, firemen and police and streets dept workers are their neighbors, and we know what the Good Lord said about coveting your neighbors' goods and wife...or loving my neightbor..aren't sure whether they should or shouldn't covet, or love or hate, folks just don't even know their neighbor's or like them very much now that they have faux news to give them love and care they need